Sunset Yellow
 Product Name  SUNSET YELLOW
 Colour Shade
 Synonyms Food Yellow -3,Orange Yellow S
 Chemical Name Disodium salt of 1-(4-sulphophe- nylazo)-2-naphthol-6-sulfonic acid
 C.I. No  15985
 C.I. Name --
 FDA Status  FD&C Yellow #6
 CAS No.  2783-94-0
 EINECS No.  220-491-7
 E. NUMBER  E-110
Sr. No.
Test EEC
1 Total colouring matters calculated as the sodium salt percent by mass . Min. 85.00
2  Water insoluble matter, percent by Mass Max 00.20
3  Combined ether extract, percent by mass Max 00.20
4 Unsulfonated Primary Aromatic amines. percent by mass Max 00.01
5  Subsidiary dyes, percent by mass Max 05.00
6 Total organic compound other than coloring matter, percent by mass.
4-aminobenzene-1-sulfonic acid
3-hydroxynaphthalene-2,7-disulfonic acid
6-hydroxynaphthalene-2-sulfonic acid
7-hydroxynaphthalene-1,3-disulfonic acid
4,4_-diazoaminodi(benzene sulfonic acid
6,6_-oxydi(naphthalene-2-sulfonic acid
Max 00.50
7 1-(Phenylazo)-2-naphthalenol(SudanI) (mg/kg) Max 00.50
8 Heavy metals as pb(mg/kg) Max 40
9 Arsenic, (mg/kg) Max 03
10 Lead (mg/kg) Max 2
11 Mercury(mg/kg) Max 01
12  Cadmium (PPM) Max 01